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Teresa D'Auria

Process Engineer

Teresa D'Auria

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What do you do in Prysmian?

As a process engineer, I’m fully exposed to the manufacturing environment with the mission of improving plant performances. My main targets include: identifying cost-saving opportunities, looking for strategies to reduce waste and improve product quality, and proposing innovative solutions to make the plant more competitive on the cable market.

Please describe your first year @Prysmian Group, as part of the Make It Program

During my first 6 months in Prysmian I had the opportunity to attend training courses at the Prysmian Academy and the Bocconi management school, where I met many colleagues from different departments and received a lot of info about business strategy, targets and priorities. Regarding my daily job, I’ve been exposed to the manufacturing environment from the very first day, focusing especially on process analysis and optimization, but also learning about quality, cable design, cable technology, R&D and planning activities and relations with suppliers and customers.

What did you like most about the Induction and on-boarding experience?

I enjoyed attending the training courses with other engineers from different countries: it was a great opportunity to share my experience with colleagues from different backgrounds and to create a strong transnational network with people facing my same everyday challenges. I also like the fact that I was considered accountable for many activities from week one: this is a great stimulus for me to learn since it makes me feel that I can make a difference to the company.

Why do you think Prysmian chose you for this role? What are your main strengths?

I like my job and I enjoy the manufacturing environment. I’m good at solving problems, which I tackle with a very scientific and formal approach.I’m achange agent, and am willing to learn quickly. I’m also used to working under pressure and out of my comfort zone.

Why would you recommend the Make It Program to a young engineer?

As a participant in the Make It program, you will be exposed from the very first day to many challenges and to different departments of the business in a multicultural environment. Even if the focus is still on manufacturing, the Make It Program’s activities are designed to provide a clear view about the huge complexity of the cable market. In my opinion this is really a great way for growing new leaders.

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